Prior to joining US Special Operations I trained with Jason Claunch for close to three years. I always knew Jason was an excellent instructor but it wasn’t until my experiences as a Combat Controller that I could truly look back and appreciate Jason’s abilities. I have trained with the best instructors the military has to offer in tactics, close quarter combat, and hand to hand combat. I have had the opportunity to learn from the best and I can honestly say that Jason’s ability to train people, from the experienced to the in-experienced, rivals those of most I’ve met. He is extremely patient, and extremely open to adapting to the needs of individuals. He has an eye for talent and he brings out the best in people. I never left a training session with Jason without learning something new. He is passionate about what he does and that passion is infectious. I would recommend the Claunch Academy of BJJ to anyone who is looking to better themselves and train with an amazing BJJ instructor.
Phil Dutrisac

Claunch Academy is by far a step above any other Brazilian Jiu Jitsu schools. I have trained with Jason  for 8 years. Jason is precise with his instruction, his knowledge is superior and experience is vast. He is very patient, supportive and extremely personable. I look forward to each and every class. I learn something new and am given the chance to apply it under Jason’s supervision, as he corrects the small details of each move. His facility is clean and large with new Dollamur mats. I have trained under other instructors and none compare to Jason. I plan on belting high with Jason.

Kat Harrison, 4 Stripe Brown Belt

It is a great opportunity to train with Jason. His skills as a teacher are only surpassed by his jits skills. My son and I train with him every chance we get.

Bill Waller, Black Belt

I have been training under Jason Claunch for over 9 years now.  His ability to explain technique to his students is top notch.  Jason allows his students learn at their own pace, and grow as a team.  The atmosphere is friendly, the mats are clean, and we are treated like family.Weather you are looking to get in shape, learn self defense, or compete this school is for you. Rarely do you find a school where you can train with your instructor on a daily basis.  I hold rankings in other martial arts, but have never felt more confident in my ability to protect myself than I do now learning Jiu Jitsu from Jason Claunch.

Griff Dabadie, 4 Stripe Brown Belt


As a lifelong fitness enthusiast and some one who works in the fitness industry. I can say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the classes and the camaraderie that has accompanied them. I couldn’t ask for a better instructor to work with me on self defense. And if you are looking for fitness, there is no better workout. I can say that in a very short time I have fallen in love with it and will always stick to the training. Thanks Jason.

Justin Vandiver , White Belt

Manager Fitness 19

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