Links and Brasa Locations!/pages/Claunch-Academy-of-BJJ/107739985952876 Brasa BJJ North West Austin / Cedar Park Facebook Page Brasa BJJ North Austin / Instructor Mario Queiroga – Black Belt 5th Deg.

Bastrop, TX – Insight BJJ, Brasa Bastrop
Instructor: Alex Henley – Black Belt  HCK Kimonos   International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation website  Brasa homepage website with local tourney and seminar info


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2 Responses to Links and Brasa Locations

  1. Odilton Barreto says:

    Your team should open one facility in San Marcos, It is unfortunately that we do not have yet one decent jiu jitsu program here, I would participate and would help promote it, Thanks Odilton

    • Site.Admin says:

      You should come and train with us sometime. Feel free to contact me at 512-297-0529. I actually have a couple students that are currently living in San Marcos.


      Jason Claunch

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